Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Balance Beam

In this class I hope to gain some balance between literacy and technology.  There has to be some middle ground here.  I work with a bunch of teachers who lean either one direction or the other.  They either overuse technology to the point that students simply can't make the connections or they don't use technology at all.

I want it to be useful, meaningful and I want it to help prepare my students to to become well-rounded global citizens.  That's the challenge and I hope this class will bring me closer to finding the key.

I decided to share my shelfari shelf with all of you in case you'd like to try it out.  My students use it to keep track of what they've read.  They sign up with parents permission and the settings can be kept very secure.


  1. Lori, this widget is fantastic! Thank you for sharing! I love that you are able to use this with your students. What motivation to 'show off' your reading!

  2. I do like the book widget, I had never seen it before. I think it would be nice for students to see what I am reading and for me to see what they are reading. I do agree that it is difficult to find the balance between using technology and abusing technology. I try to be very selective with what ways that I incorporate digital tools but I struggle to find the best fit for using technology.

  3. Lori,

    I totally love your widget and I added it right away! So much fun. I have a hard incorporating technology because all the schools I have worked for are really lacking technology. Also, I work with kindergarten and most classes give little to no suggestions for using technology with little children.


  4. Thanks for sharing your Shelfari, I added it to my page! I think my students would enjoy sharing the books they have read with this widget, also.

  5. Katie-
    Having moved from 3rd grade to 1st this year, I am also looking for ways to use technology in a meaningful way with the younger ones.

  6. I certainly like -- and relate to -- your statements about achieving balance and finding the middle ground. I believe that is our best method of effecting positive change in the system and the classroom. Your description of your school, with teachers at both extremes, was interesting. Staff meetings must be entertaining!