Thursday, October 11, 2012

Class Reflection

When I reflect on this class and what I liked about it I have to say that I liked the last 2 assignments better than anything.  I need things that help me to be a better teacher and the infographic and the movie were the things that I can really relate to my teaching.  I can make application with those things.  I needed ideas for new and innovative technologies to use with students that support literacy.  I think there should have been more doing and less talking about it.  I also think that the movie should have been less time and the infographic should have been more time.  It seems to me that there wasn't enough to help us to formulate ideas for those.  I had an idea but from what I read from others, there was a lot of struggle.  I spent the first few days of that assignment totally lost and frustrated and I know I had a good 30 hours working on it.  I didn't care for the format of the text that we had but I did the reading anyway.  I really need more application and less talking about what I read. 

I got some really good ideas from the other students in this class.  I did add some things to my delicious account to spend some more time on later.  I appreciate that.  I really like looking at the fruits of everyone's labor. Good luck to everyone in your ventures.  Maybe I'll "see" you in another class.   

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